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Zend Studio 10.5.1 crashesh (Fedora 20 64-bit / KDE) - Zend Forums volk7372
Download ZS 10.5 TRIAL and extract somewhere 2. Run ZS and follow software update instructions then restart 3. Try to create new PHP project (new ...
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Fedora Package Database -- valgrind - Fedora Project
Tool for finding memory management bugs in programs. Valgrind is a tool to help you find memory-management problems in your programs. When a ...
Fedora Package Database -- devilspie - Fedora Project
A window-matching utility. A window-matching utility, inspired by Sawfish's "Matched Windows" option and the lack such functionality in Metacity.
Fedora Package Database -- argyllcms - Fedora Project
ICC compatible color management system. The Argyll color management system supports accurate ICC profile creation for scanners, CMYK printers, ...
Fedora Package Database -- tcptrack - Fedora Project
Displays information about tcp connections on a network interface tcptrack is a sniffer which displays information about TCP connections it sees on a ...
Fedora Package Database -- zenity - Fedora Project
Display dialog boxes from shell scripts. Zenity lets you display Gtk+ dialog boxes from the command line and through shell scripts. It is similar to ...
Fedora Package Database -- help2man - Fedora Project
Create simple man pages from --help output help2man is a script to create simple man pages from the --help and --version output of programs.
Fedora Package Database -- ocaml-lablgtk - Fedora Project
Objective Caml interface to gtk+ LablGTK is is an Objective Caml interface to gtk+. It uses the rich type system of Objective Caml 3 to provide a strongly ...
Fedora Package Database -- autoconf213 - Fedora Project
A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code GNU's Autoconf is a tool for configuring source code and Makefiles. Using Autoconf ...
Fedora 10 Download Iso Dvd - Vantage Paintball
Fedora case the and fast operating already iso experience is other verified 805 comply draft fedora image for download or iso. Fedora, sure latest gib ...

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