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Please let me know if you would be interested for the below mentioned
position, please send the resume to

Position    : OBIEE Consultant

Location:–  Houston, TX

Duration;-  06 months +

Rate;-       $DOE/hr C2C



The resource needs to have knowledge in the following area:


1.      Grants Budgeting

2.      Grants Costing

3.      Grants Revenue

4.      Grants GL reporting.


He also ideally needs to have a combination of at least 3 of the skills below.


1.      Develop extract query  -

a.       Functional knowledge of the source system.  The developer would need to know where the data resides in the source system or how to reverse engineer the logic to find where the data resides.

b.      PL/SQL writing skills.

2.      Created ETL

a.      Experience with Informatica

b.      Experience with DAC

3.      Create Data Warehouse Tables

a.      Experience with data warehouse concepts.

b.      Experience with creating data warehouse tables and table index.

4.      Create RPD Data Model

a.      Experience with fact/dimension data modeling concepts.

b.      Experience with OBIEE RPD Development

5.      Create Reports and Dashboards

a.      Experience with creating analysis in OBIEE.

b.      Experience with creating prompted dashboards in OBIEE.

6.      Create Security in RPD and Dashboard

a.      Knowledge of how to create security based on roles in PeopleSoft.



Best Regards,

Prashant Mishra

Technical Recruiter

Tekshapers Inc. | 29226 Orchard Lake Rd, Suite 180 Farmington Hills, MI 48334, USA

Contact : 248-565-4747 Ext- 174

E: | W:



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