Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Jose Godinez-Samperio came to the United States with his family when he was 9. He was still a child when his visa expired. But he never left.
Google Alert - law | Law Blog
LONDON - If Jude Law hasn't seemed as high-profile a film presence in recent years as he was earlier in the millennium, it's at least in part because of ...
Google Alert - Law Firm | Law Blog
Stated another way, engaging a very large, very well-known law firm may or may not be the right choice for the matter at hand but, invariably, .
Google Alert - Law School | Law Blog
What's the point of going to law school if you will face a big tuition bill and declining job prospects? That was the question posed in Nanea Kalani's .
Google Alert - Family Law | Law Blog
Adam Myser, a 2006 St. Clairsville High School graduate, has returned to his roots to start his family and career. Myser was a 2010 Summa Cum .
Google Alert - Law Jobs | Law Blog
Sunlight points out that plenty of the former members took jobs as "strategic advisers" at major corporations, or at law firms specializing in government .
Google Alert - Study Law | Law Blog
Capitol Hill Republicans are not surprised by a new study that suggests more ... not less as President Obama and other supporters of the law argue.
Google Alert - Law Career | Law Blog
Cop is back at Orange Coast College, nearly 50 years after graduating from the school he credits with preparing him for his law enforcement career.
Google Alert - College Of Law | Law Blog
THE University of the Philippines (UP) has reiterated its plea for the Supreme Court (SC) to allow members of the judiciary to teach in the UP College .

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