Tuesday, September 25, 2012

US CONSULTING - CONTRACT Do you want to make some money? Read mommy's letter.

NO KIDDING! Really, read this message with patience. I see it as the best way to get over this crisis we are going through because it is a way to help us all at the same time seems like one of these things that go around the internet that no one pays any attention to it but when finished reading, you'll notice that by putting in a little bit by each one of us and complying with rules that follow below, our economic hardship, will be supported by a backup that will come as no harm to anyone.

You will find a reliable method because 3 weeks ago, by mere curiosity, I read this, I was interested in it and already it is giving me my first remittances. From a modest point of view, this means I have won 132,00€ and it seems that it may increase if you follow the steps that follow below:

An ingenious method (at least I think so) and also legal - to win money. The best way, up until today, as far as I've seen, to make money fast and legal. If you really want to know if this works, take note for yourself and just look at how many people are doing it. If this doesn't convince you, nothing will. It is a simple system based on honesty, geometric progressions and the diffuser power of the Internet.

You don't really have anything to lose and a lot to gain. Obviously, you're free to put into practice what I say here or to forget it. I just ask you to read along and when you've finished you'll be convinced of the effectiveness of this system, as well as its legality and honesty. You'll see that this is truly ingenious and in result, you will earn a few euros or dollars and spend only 7 EUROS or 7 U.S. dollars, and that it is nothing compared with what you could earn if you spend a little bit of your time and sacrifice. In total that is what, at least I do, spend on the lottery weekly.

SPEND 5 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THIS REALLY WORKS AND IT IS LEGAL. I was browsing the groups (GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, etc.). When I saw an article that said: "Earn some money fast." Well, I said, "I have to see what type of scheme can be presented on the Internet". This article described how to send by mail 1 EURO coin or 1 American dollar to only 7 people and win $50,000 or more in cash in 4 weeks. Well, the more I thought about this I concluded: of course, this must be a scam. But like most of us, I was curious and excited, and I continued reading.

After meditating it, I decided to try again. The truth is that I didn't lose anything but a little bit of time and I didn't risk anything either. It really is just 7 euros or $7 and 7 postage stamps. Anyone of us has spent more buying the lottery and has never won. This is not a scam; it is not indecent, it is not illegal; and it is 100% risk-free. It really works if you adhere to the instructions, in order to receive extraordinary dividends. You will not lose anything and neither will others. We all win. Don't tell me that it's not great. Now you will be part of the business of developing mailing lists.Well, this letter is to convince you that this is an honest, legal and extremely cost-effective system and also a way to achieve excellent income in a very short period of time. This system does not require physical contact with the people, nor requires heavy or hard work; you would not have to leave the house except for to pick up your mail.

This is a program of electronic support that takes advantage of the global Internet platform, which ensures your operation seamlessly. 100% OF THE TIME. Thousands of people have resorted to this medium to obtain good capital and thus start their own business, or simply to live from it. Basically, it is possible through a chain that leads to thousands of people and which will be carried out also for you only with your help.

For this reason, I recommend to follow carefully and exactly the instructions of this letter, stressing you once again that this is 100% safe and that you will not regret having read this article and putting it into practice... SHARE MONEY AND RECEIVE MONEY FAST... BY MAIL. THIS REALLY WORKS. READ IT PLEASE, YOU SHOULD READ IT. MONEY FAST AND LEGAL!!! This really works and no one loses. In fact, if we want to share this new, it's for this reason: we need other people to win for us to win. In the end, we all win.

ATTENTION: Read this carefully. It is not necessary, but is a good idea to print these sheets as a reference in the event you have doubts.


Step 1: Get 7 sheets of white paper and write the following: "by please include my name in your list of correspondence or E-MAIL" or "PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST". Then, write also your name, address and electronic mail (e-mail). And as a nice little detail also put in what position each person's name was in when sending your dollar or EURO (e.g.: "You were in position #3!" or "You were in slot #3!"), as to make it more complete. That is, make money and have fun at the same time, all with goodwill.

Now fold this page, where have written the abovementioned, around 1 euro or 1 United States dollar bill, currency do not send checks or other types of payments, only Euros or dollars. If it is a coin of 1 euro, assure that it is taped to the paper you have just folded. Tape the coin well in its place on the paper in the form of a cross or use another effective adhesive. So the people who work in the post-office will not know that there is a coin inside. Put it all in 1 envelope and send it to each of the 7 listed persons. The idea of folding the paper around the dollar and the euro, and paste (only in the case of the 1 euro coin) is to ensure that it will reach its destination and that is important. Otherwise the people who work in the mail could detect that it is money and keep the thousands of envelopes that are going to be arriving; so that is recommended to wrap everything, in addition, in a dark paper or carbon, in order that it is not visible through the envelope.

What you're doing is creating a service and as such, makes it completely LEGAL. Now you are not sending a euro or a dollar to someone without any reason, you are paying 1 euro or 1 dollar for a legitimate service (I assure you, once again, this is completely legal). Then immediately, send the 7 envelopes to the following addresses:




31780 BERA








C.P. 10300, ( CACERES), ESPAÑA




STEP 2: Read carefully, this is the way of how you will earn money by mail. Look at the list of the seven people, delete the first name from the list above, and add yours at the end of it, so who was #2 becomes #1; who was #3 becomes# 2, who was #4 happens to be #3; #5 who was renumbered #4; number #6 becomes #5 and #7 who was renumbered #6. And finally, you're now the number #7. It includes your name, address, post code, city, State and country.


STEP 3: Change everything you think appropriate in this article, but try to keep it as close to the original as possible. Now put your article in at least 200 NEWSGROUPS, also called discussion forums (there are more than 24,000 groups). All you need is 200, but the more groups you get the more money you will earn. Here are some indications of how to enter in the NEWSGROUPS.


How to manage the NEWSGROUPS: First of all, you don't need to redraft this entire letter to do your own. Only place the cursor of the mouse at the beginning of this letter and drag down so that all the text is "shaded". Then press the keys CTRL C in this way is in your computer's memory.


Then, open an application preferably notebook of notes (NOTEPAD), Wordpad or MsWord. Then once opened any of these applications put the cursor at the beginning of a blank sheet and press CTRL V, and you already have this letter and you can add your name and address in the 7th slot following the instructions from above. Finally, save this letter with your changes to a new file of the application. THAT'S ALL! All you have to do now is get into different "newsgroups", forums, classified ads, or free listing, etc. and publish it. Remember that every time you want to do it you can simply open the file saved, copy it and paste it into the area of the newsgroup message or classified ad, forum or free ad, etc. To reach them in any search engine put these terms: newsgroups, discussion forums, classified ads, free ads or guestbooks; and thousands of pages will appear.


Another system to communicate is getting e-mail addresses of personas, individuals or associations. If you are only looking for people that speak English, go to a directory or e-mail provider and type the English surname and there you have the name! HOWEVER, IF THIS TEXT ARRIVES BY E-MAIL TO YOUR INBOX, MAKE SURE NOT TO SEND IT TO THE ADDRESSES THAT APPEAR IN THE LIST OF DESTINATIONS THAT  YOUR ADDRESS ALSO APPEARS ON, BECAUSE ITS EFFECTIVENESS THUS WILL BE NULL. Search new addresses (some 400, the more you get, the better it is for you).  It's less work than what it seems, and so the expansion of the text will be greater. SEND IT TO GROUPS OF 10 TO 25 ADDRESSES EACH TIME. You do not need to retype addresses. You can copy and paste them into the space allocated to recipient as we said how you can copy and paste the text of this message to put in the forums. In this manner, you can send more messages in less time. Do not forget to publish the ad or letter with your name in position #7, deleting #1. When you have practice, you only take about 30 seconds for each newsgroup.


I recommend that when you post a description of this article try to give a name that is "catching" as "Do you need money fast?, read this article" or "Need money to pay your debts?" or "Download this archive and read how you can receive money by mail" etc. and not "EARN 1 MILLON IN ONE WEEK", because nobody will take you seriously. Do the same when you put it as a title in the event that you send it by e-mail. Try to pass this on as soon as possible from the time you read this article to put the ad on the forums, Classifieds, free ads, etc, because sooner you get this article out, the sooner you and all of us will benefit. REMEMBER, THE MORE NEWSGROUPS YOU GET, MORE ANSWERS (AND MONEY) YOU WILL RECEIVE! BUT YOU MUST ENTER AT LEAST 200. IT WILL TAKE A LITTLE WORK,


Some ideas for News Search Engines:












There are infinite groups on the internet to choose from.

There you have it! You'll be receiving money from around the world, from places you don't even know and in a few days. Be sure that all the addresses are correct **

Now why all this?  200 advertisements sent; say I receive only 6 responses (very low example). If only 6 people respond, this makes:


For #7: 6 Euros (dollars)

For #6: 36 Euros (dollars)

For #5: 216 Euros (dollars)

For #4: 1,296 Euros (dollars)

For #3: 7,776 Euros (dollars)

For #2: 46.656 Euros (dollars)

For #1: 279.936 Euros (dollars)


LAST step: And this is the step that I like most: simply sit back and enjoy, because the cash is on its way! Expect to see a little bit of money during the second week, but from the third week, storm of envelopes in your mail. All you have to do is receive it and try not to shout very strong, when you realize that it is about time you have made it! Remember to do this in a correct, clean and honest manner and it will work.  You just have to be honest. You don't need to do tricks with the basic make money on this! ** However, if you decide to send this without sending any money in the envelopes to the people on the list , you will not receive almost nothing. I have spoken with people who knew people who did this only to collect about $150.00, and that after 7 weeks. Some people decided to try again, doing it right, and received more than $100,000.00 in 4-5 weeks. This is the most clean and honest way of sharing fortune I have ever seen, without costing us much except for a little time.


When you start to get short of money, reactivate this file and re-publish it in the same places where you are going to do now and new places that you will meet in the future. Always keep a copy of this article on hand. It is an incredible tool that you can reuse whenever and how many times you want when you need money. It is an extraordinary way of sharing and bringing abundance into our lives. HONESTY IS WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM A SUCCESS. DON'T FORGET THIS. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


Only one point more, if you know how to translate this message into other languages, you can also insert them in forums in different countries such as France, Germany and Russia (I give this as advice to expand the possibilities so much more people can see it).

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