Sunday, December 29, 2013

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Quirky machines enthrall Timaru Herald
Winchester man Brian Smith provided plenty of interest and entertainment with his ''Scrap Machine'' at the South Canterbury Traction Engine club ...
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BMW i8 Hybrid Coupe – In Detail: Performance | Video
The clip goes into detail about how the hybrid and gasoline engine systems work together. The front motor is an electric motor from the i3, downgraded ...
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java - Google Cloud Storage thru App Engine pricing - Stack Overflow
I'm planning to use Google Cloud Storage to store user uploaded images and videos to my GAE app (since GCS seems cheaper than blobstore in GB ...
authentication - How to configure App Engine to show this webpage ...
This webpage appeared when I deployed my app on the App Engine and it seems anyone can access it and send messages to all the Android ...
The Game Statistics Engine is currently down. - Answer HQ
smileysad:what's going on, on battlelog? "The Game Statistics Engine is currently down." can someone explain to me what is up?

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