Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Fedora Package Database -- vala - Fedora Project
A modern programming language for GNOME Vala is a new programming language that aims to bring modern programming language features to ...
Fedora Package Database -- exiv2 - Fedora Project
Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library. A command line utility to access image metadata, allowing one to: * print the Exif metadata of Jpeg images ...
Fedora Package Database -- varnish - Fedora Project
High-performance HTTP accelerator. This is the Varnish high-performance HTTP accelerator. Documentation wiki and additional information about ...
linux - Can't install Fedora 20 beta on a VM Player or VM VirtualBox ...
Can't install Fedora 20 beta (on a VM Player or VM VirtualBox) on a 64bit win 8 laptop. I tried many times burning USE flash drives, DVDs. It gets to a ...
Fedora 17 Iso Image Download - Hoeing Supply
Image and fedora 2. Fedora live installs iso flash operating you dvd i386 and liveusb-creator and images. And 32 how 16 size dvd download 2012.

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