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US CONSULTING - CONTRACT Senior SQL Server DBA position in Richmond, VA


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Please find the suitable position for the requirements  ASAP. I appreciate your quick response..!!


Position: Senior SQL Server DBA

Location: Richmond, VA

Duration:6 + Months

Client: Capital One


QL Server DBA skills experience needed.

Oracle database administration on the Unix environment as a secondary skill preferred.

Communication skills and general DBA experience

•             Should be able to work across physical boundaries through phone, IM efficiently as rest of the database team is located in Richmond, VA

•             Physical modeling experience needed - preferably in Erwin modeling tool

•             Batch Jobs scheduling experience - preferably controlm tool

•             Candidates should have experience in large-scale environments

•             Hands on experience with Microsoft Windows XP or higher version, Office, PowerPoint, Access, Visio and Project

•             Strong change management experience for implementing database changes

•             Experience promoting database objects from one environment to other and maintaining change logs


SQL Server experience

•             Demonstrable experience with SQL Server Database design and development including creating stored procedures and functions using T-SQL

•             Thorough understanding of relational database design and concepts

•             Demonstrable experience of Installation, migration, upgrade and maintenance of multiple SQL Server Databases

•             Demonstrable experience with backups, recovery, performance tuning and optimization

•             Understanding and some working knowledge of SSIS/DTS, SSAS, SSRS and common ETL practices

•             Understanding execution plans and how to use them to optimize/improve query costs and create indexes

•             Good knowledge and understanding of SQL Server database mirroring, replication, and log shipping

•             Extensive experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2005/2008 operating system



Oracle DBA experience  -

•             Creation of databases in HPUX / AIX environment

•             High level experience with writing Korn shell scripts

•             Understanding of how memory, CPU, Disks work on the UNIX environment

•             High level understanding of OEM, statspack, AWR

•             High level Understanding of RMAN, Data Guard and RAC

•             Good knowledge of how user security works on the oracle environment

•             Experience backing up databases from one environment and restoring them in other database environments


Other Criteria considered

•             Experience in other financial organization is a plus

•             Experience with tools like controlm, Idera, HP-Service Manager, Clarity

•             Experience as Development DBA

•             Advanced Knowledge of Windows Server Administration, different disk technologies, disk replication, Networking etc.

•             Understanding of other Databases like TeraData, DB2, etc.

•             Familiarity with ETL Tools like AbInitio, DataStage, Informatica, etc.

•             Knowledge of any other programming languages, like .Net, Visual Basic, Java, C++, C#,etc.


Submission format :


Please find attached Senior Developer profile for 105983


Name :  


Phone :  




Full SSN#:  


Visa Expiry:  



Write-Up: Example


I'm a certified Scrum Master (License 000190498 from May 2012 to May 2014)


While working in agile model, We have two approaches with the team members as well as managers.


1) Scrum

2) Scrum fall.



In Financial :

Most of the experience in Financial is related to ACH processes, this includes clearing automation and Electronic Funds transfer.

I analyzed and had a clear understanding of business requirements including: 

1. Bank of Mexico ACH standards.

2. Check Truncation       

3. Image Interchange

4. Electronic Funds Transfers

5. Automated Clarification and Management of disputes

6. Minister of Economy official standards, append 20 in specific.

7. Minister of Economy official standards on Electronic signature process.


In .NET technologies. :

While working on Microsoft Technologies I had the chance to evolve my knowledge and grasp of the technology since 2001 with .NET Fx 1.0

 I created brand new application web sites, windows services and web services using C# and .NET Fx 2.0 for all my projects related to Public Key Infrastructure,

 The main challenge has been evolve some design and arquitecture patterns in order to meet some security requirements like the use of digital certificates and distributed processing.

 When MVC came to us as part of a client requirement I started to take seriously in terms of being a quick learner even when was a onetime project.

 In 2010 my team and I started to deploy some POC's regarding electronic invoice processing and we took a good leverage of WCF in order to design a wide SOA for our 4 main clients.

 By 2012 we finally pushed a lot of new software solutions based on WCF and MVC but new challenges are in, the last project in Mexico was about take a great leverage of .NET Parallel framework on of the most ambitious approach of my career.




Thanks & Regards

Sita Ram | Business Intelli Solutions Inc
4100 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 205| Dallas, TX 75244 

(: 972-636-5151

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