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Valve's Linux video games plan described as 'unethical'
BBC News
A leading PC-user rights campaigner has voiced concern about video games developer Valve's move to sell Linux-based versions of its products. Richard Stallman - founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU operating system - said charging ...
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BBC News
SolusOS: A New Linux Distro with a Focus on the Familiar
There's been no end in sight to the controversy over Linux desktop environments, and with new contenders including Unity, GNOME 3, and Cinnamon--to name just a few--users now face more choices than ever before. Similar Articles: Ready for a New Linux ...
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Could this be the year of the Linux desktop?
In the 21 years or so since its inception, Linux has gained some amazing enthusiast street cred, but failed time and again to enter the mainstream. This year, however, may afford it an opportunity it's never had before: to gain the momentum necessary to join ...
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GNU founder Stallman calls DRM'd Steam for Linux games "unethical"
Ars Technica
Valve recently announced plans to bring its Steam game distribution service to the Linux platform. The company has also ported its Source game engine and the popular title Left 4 Dead 2. In a recent interview, Valve's Gabe Newell said that the move was ...
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Linux Foundation Adds Antelink, Calxeda and Reaktor as New Members
"Companies like Antelink, Calxeda and Reaktor represent the diverse opportunities for Linux and its ongoing growth," Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at The Linux Foundation, said in a statement. "We welcome our ...
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Linux Desktops Dominate at Black Hat
InternetNews.com (blog)
So yes, the Linux desktop is alive an well. No Android isn't the savior necessarily either. Linux on its own (gnome, kde or otherwise) can do well in certain environments. Those of us that use Linux desktops have long relied on it for security, which is likely the ...
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Open Invention Network Demonstrates Ongoing Positive Momentum in ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"The next generation of Linux adoption is coming from the convergence of big data and analytics, cloud computing, smart mobile devices and mobile broadband, and social networking," said Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. "OIN's licensees ...
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Richard Stallman Calls Steam on Linux 'Unethical'
Game Politics
While some in the Linux community have lauded the idea of Steam coming to the popular open-source operating system, some like Richard Stallman think it is not a good idea. Richard Stallman is better known as the founder of the Free Software Foundation ...
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Linux Foundation adds three members: Calxeda, Reaktor and Antelink
Network World
The Linux Foundation announced today that three new companies -- data center specialist Calxeda, open-source network compliance provider Antelink, and consultants Reaktor -- have become members. PREVIOUSLY: Nvidia's embrace of Linux Foundation ...
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Installing Linux on Windows 8 PCs: No easy answers
Here's Microsoft's plan: Every new PC sold with Windows 8 will be locked up tight with Microsoft's UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) secure boot on. Microsoft says that this is to help secure your PCs from rootkits and malware. It also happens to stop ...
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Unix and Linux Monitoring Pack for System Center 2012 Released
Microsoft last week released an updated monitoring pack for System Center 2012 running on Windows Server 2008 that provides reporting capabilities for Unix and Linux servers. The pack, called "System Center Monitoring Pack for UNIX and Linux Operating ...
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Linux Software Engineer- Processors Division
This person will join a team responsible for developing and improving our clients GNU/Linux software Eco-system, which often involves working with processors and other hardware technology not yet available to the general public. Work will be carried out on ...
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Blackmagic Design Releases DaVinci Resolve 9 Public Beta for Mac, Windows ...
Broadcast Newsroom
Blackmagic Design?s DaVinci Resolve is the world?s highest performance color correction solution for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux computers. DaVinci Resolve supports more real time color correction than any other system because it?s not limited by the ...
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GNU Founder Richard Stallman Speaks Out on Valve Steam
The VAR Guy
If you're a Linux user interested in playing real games — not open source clones of Asteroids and Super Mario Bros. created by freshman CS majors — you've probably heard the news that Valve promised last spring to release a native Linux version of its ...
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Netflix Releases Chaos Monkey Into the Wild
In the past, Netflix hasn't exactly endeared itself to the Linux community. The company brought its streaming to Linux relatively late compared to the Mac and Windows platforms. That raises the question of whether perhaps Netflix is trying to make up with the ...
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Microsoft Wants To Hide Which Patents Android, Linux Violate
There was always clouds of doubts around Microsoft's claims that Android and Linux infringes upon their patents. While Microsoft continued to threaten companies into signing deals with them or face legal actions, it never disclosed what patents were at stake.
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Why Cloud Computing Needs To - And Will - Go Open Source
Open source, particularly Linux, has based itself upon these three benefits since its inception. And after 20 years of Linux success, we're at a historical inflection point when openness is not only accepted, it is demanded. First the operating system and then ...
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GNOME in Trouble Again (or Still)?
OStatic (blog)
We knew that a certain segment of the Linux population was still unhappy with GNOME, but I thought most of issues were behind us; that most have adapted or moved on. But apparently, a wave of articles today suggests otherwise. Of course, an insider's blog ...
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Presented by Digi-Key's Continuing Education Center: Linux Kernel Debugging
Business Wire (press release)
WHO: Professional design engineers and purchasers who want to learn more about Linux Kernel debugging. WHEN: The Linux Kernel Debugging session will take place online August 6-10, 2012. Each session starts at 2 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday-Friday.
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A New Simple Touch Screen HMI Controller for Embedded Systems
The M-9G45A is pre-installed with Linux 2.6.38 OS, a busybox utility collection, lighttpd Web server, and various hardware device drivers. The GTK+ tool kit and qt4 embedded are also included to assist the user to develop a graphic user interface. In addition ...
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Open source Chaos Monkey brings order to cloud
But open source is a community that's grown way past the borders of the Linux community, and the pervasiveness of cloud computing in particular should see these tools become popular in their use, regardless of any bad blood Linux users might have.
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China's Great Wall Technology Selects Virtual Bridges
MarketWatch (press release)
It provides end users access to Windows and Linux desktops from any location or device -- including tablets, netbooks, laptops and thin clients. In addition, IT professionals can manage desktops centrally, reducing the costs and challenges associated with ...
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Oracle Updates Exalogic Servers
Server Watch
The Exalogic is also a Linux-based system, although it currently remains on the Oracle Linux 5.x release and not the new 6.x branch. "We have incrementally updated the Oracle Linux version that we've shipped with Exalogic. We're shipping Linux 5 and we ...
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MochaHost Offers New VPS Plans With New Features And Upgraded Memory
HostReview.com (press release)
San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 30, 2012 - Web hosting provider MochaHost (http://www.mochahost.com) is pleased to announce an upgrade to all of its Linux based VPS hosting plans. Known for affordable prices and broad range of services, MochaHost ...
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The Vitality Of Seeding Openness Within The Cloud
CloudTweaks News
The parameters sound exceedingly familiar, especially to those who have had a taste of Linux, an operating system that takes pride in capitalizing on the said concerns and morphing them into benefits. Although contemporary cloud giants are burning ...
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CloudTweaks News
Leeyo Software's RevPro Revenue Management and Automation Software ...
Review seeker (press release)
RevPro Tested and Ready to Run on Oracle Database 11g, Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Linux By marketwire SANTA CLARA, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 07/30/12 -- Leeyo Software, Inc., a provider of software for revenue recognition automation and ...
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Oracle Enhances Mainframe Rehosting Products for Oracle Tuxedo 12c
MarketWatch (press release)
Oracle Tuxedo ART 12c helps customers reduce IT costs significantly, compared to their current mainframes, by rehosting larger-scale mainframe applications more rapidly and running them more efficiently on traditional Linux/UNIX servers, engineered ...
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Namaic.net - Hottest Web Hosting Affiliate Hits the Town Recently
SBWire (press release)
The specifications of Linux include powerful Control panel-epanel, unlimited coverages, reliable support and much more on the webhosting phase. The programming is supported with 250 GB RAID 1 OS Drive and the RAID controller is made applicable for all ...
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What changed to finally bring Hulu Plus to Apple TV?
Fortune (blog)
There's a Hulu app for the iPad, the Mac, Linux and Microsoft (MSFT) Windows. It even came pre-loaded on my Internet-ready Panasonic HDTV. But as Walt Mossberg pointedly reminded Tim Cook at D10 in May, it wasn't available on Apple TV. Until today.
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Blogs14 new results for Linux
The Perfect Desktop - Linux Mint 13 KDE | HowtoForge - Linux ...
This tutorial shows how you can set up a Linux Mint 13 (Maya) desktop (KDE version) that is a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop, i.e. that has all the software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows desktops.
HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and...
[Phoronix] Intel Ivy Bridge Is Okay On Linux Power Usage
With talk of a massive power regression in the recently released Linux 3.5 kernel, yesterday I began benchmarking some different systems with varying versions of the Linux kernel looking for any new kernel power regressions on different ...
Open the floppy or USB device without root user - Linux Forums
By othiyappank
Hi ALL, Im facing the problem such that logged in linux flavuour as Non-root users. Using the program utility im opening the flopy device or USB key device such that /dev/sd0 using the raw device open call.Im not able to open the device.if i put ...
Linux Forums
Set-up Alfresco in Linux VPS with a folder avoiding download ...
We are looking for a professional able to install from scratch the Alfresco ECM, with major community features running fine. All of them should be validated by.
Freelancer.com - New Projects
How to manage multiple Linux servers? - Web Hosting Talk
By Tomcatf14
How to manage multiple Linux servers? Hosting Security and Technology.
Web Hosting Talk
Unix-Linux Admin Role
By Hercules Alves
Unix-Linux Admin Role. Duration – 3-6 months+. Location: Position can be located in New York, NY, or Hightstown NJ. Process: Telephone and then F2F. Position Summary Responsible for helping on remediation tasks related to Tier 2 ...
[15% OFF] - Enterprise Class Cloud VPS with Linux & Windows ...
By Softsys Hosting
[15% OFF] - Enterprise Class Cloud VPS with Linux & Windows Support [HURRY] Cloud Hosting Offers.
Web Hosting Talk
Open Security Research: UnBup - McAfee BUP Extractor for Linux
By OpenSecurity Research
As a bonus, at the bottom of the article, we have included a bash shell script and (faster) Perl script to break apart McAfee BUPs from within a Linux environment. We wrote these scripts because we could not find a Linux BUP tool.
Open Security Research
Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) - Forensics Wiki
By Joachim Metz
The Linux Logical Volume Manager, is commonly abreviated to LVM. Although LVM can used for other Logical Volume Management variants as well. Not all forensic tools have support for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) volumes, but ...
Forensics Wiki - Recent changes [en]
Conference filling quickly – Linux Plumbers Conference 2012
By paulmck
Linux Plumbers Conference is pleased to announce that we are nearing our maximum number of registrants. This means that if you are thinking of attending (and we hope you are!), you should register as soon as possible. This entry was ...
Linux Plumbers Conference 2012
benjbubu (benjbubu)'s status on Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 16:23:46 UTC ...
By benjbubu
@ovidius Linux Mint is a good distro and very simple to use . http://linuxmint.com/ · about 2 minutes ago from web in context · Help · About · FAQ · TOS · Privacy · Source · Version · Contact. Identi.ca is a microblogging service brought to you by ...
linux timeline
Dr. Roy Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 12 ...
Talk Of A "Massive Power Regression" In Linux 3.5 http://ur1.ca/9v1rh #linux · about 3 hours ago from web. Help · About · FAQ · TOS · Privacy · Source · Version · Contact. Identi.ca is a microblogging service brought to you by Status.net.
Notices tagged with linux
Linux Gaming News » Blog Archive » The Other Brothers
By Maxim Bardin
Unique News About GNU/Linux Games. Home · About · Contact · Fight For Your Right ! More.. GNU/Linux Gaming Forum · Interviews · Recently Released · Upcoming GNU/Linux games !
Linux Gaming News
Linux On Android: Accepting Bitcoins for donations
By Zachary Powell
I have decided to accept bit-coins for donations towards the project. If you have never heard of bitcoins before you should really check them out, there are plenty of guides online to using them and its a great decentralised digital currency.
Linux On Android

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Linux Today - Meet Linux Viruses
Unixmen: Linux Operating system is generally thought of as Virus Proof.
[Phoronix] AHCI vs. IDE Linux Performance Benchmarks
Hitting OpenBenchmarking.org this weekend are some interesting benchmarks comparing performance of AHCI vs. IDE modes under Linux from an AMD Fusion ...

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