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More Twitter Olympics: Journalist Banned, Harasser Arrested
It seemed like one could expect the impact of social media on the London Olympics, and indeed the London Olympics on social media, to calm down a little after the frenzy of the opening ceremony and the teething troubles of the the opening weekend ...
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Twitter rants aimed at Olympics diver lead to teen's arrest
LONDON – The list of Olympic-related Twitter transgressions turned potentially criminal Tuesday when police arrested a 17-year-old boy for allegedly making malicious comments following a frenetic exchange of rants against British diver Tom Daley after he ...
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Twitter Draws Scorn After Blocking Writer Critical of NBC
Twitter drew criticism after blocking the account of U.K. journalist Guy Adams after he posted Zenkel's work e-mail address while complaining about the network's coverage. The decision came after NBC complained that Adams, who writes for the Independent, ...
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Olympics awash in Twitter, for better or worse
Fox News
The immediacy and public nature of Twitter and its propensity to induce off-the-cuff irreverence, and sometimes breathtaking ugliness, has added a new and chaotic element to an event where everything from urine samples to sponsors' logos to London traffic ...
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Twitter suspends reporter's account
CBS News
LONDON — Twitter has suspended the account of a Los Angeles-based reporter for a British newspaper who included the email address of the NBC Olympics president and asked his followers to write him to complain about the network's coverage.
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Twitter account suspension prompts user backlash
BBC News
Twitter is facing a user backlash after suspending the account of a journalist who had criticised NBCUniversal's coverage of the Olympic Games. The US TV network had complained that Independent newspaper correspondent Guy Adams had posted the ...
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BBC News
No regrets over "Twitter Games" for IOC
LONDON (Reuters) - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has no regrets about embracing social media for what some are calling the first "Twitter Games", despite two athletes having been expelled for tweets and others being abused online.
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NBC all a-Twitter, thinks this is '1984' Olympics
Philadelphia Inquirer
Adams responded to Twitter's European PR head: "I didn't publish a private email address. Just a corporate one, which is widely available to anyone with access to Google, and is identical to one that all of the tens of thousands of NBC Universal employees ...
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Did Twitter Go Too Far? It Suspended Critic Of NBC's Olympics Coverage
NPR (blog)
After having his Twitter account suspended for allegedly violating the micro-blogging site's rules by posting the email address of an NBC executive, a journalist for Great Britain's The Independent is wondering whether it's Twitter that did the rule-breaking.
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Twitter-banned NBC critic talks!
Washington Post (blog)
Adams huddled with his editor and agreed that there was no reason to keep quiet about Twitter's disapproval. "We both believe strongly that actually we're not in the wrong, we've done nothing wrong and that therefore to a degree we should come out fighting ...
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Twitter, Guy Adams And The Cost Of Being A User
Well, maybe not to the letter — and the rules are broken regularly on Twitter (example). But that's not really the point, as my colleague Kashmir Hill points out: "As a private company, Twitter's entitled to decide when a user is violating its terms of service." ...
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EYES ON LONDON: Twitter uproar, Bieber and judo
Fox News
Jill Lawless — Twitter http://twitter.com/JillLawless. ___. BIEBER IS A FAN. Missy Franklin added some star power to her fan base during her breakout performance in the pool. Teen idol Justin Bieber tweets: "Heard (at)FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. Now I'm a ...
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Tom Daley and Twitter Olympics
Wall Street Journal
So far two athletes have been expelled from the London Games for making offensive comments on Twitter, first a Greek triple jumper for a Tweet that was seen as a racist insult to her country's African immigrant population, then a Swiss soccer player who ...
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Olympics-No regrets over 'Twitter Games' for IOC
(Adds Brazil's Silva). By Nick Mulvenney. LONDON, July 31 (Reuters) - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has no regrets about embracing social media for what some are calling the first "Twitter Games", despite two athletes having been expelled for ...
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Twitter makes its mark at Olympics
Houston Chronicle
For all the talk about Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Lochte, security concerns and unfilled seats, the trending topic at the Olympic Games might actually be Twitter. The San Francisco micro-blogging service has made its omnipresence felt at these Games. Among ...
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Twitter censors Olympic coverage critic due to NBC partnership
And rather than attempting to play nice by responding to their critics on Twitter, as they started to do this weekend, they have resorted to censoring them instead. The criticism began when NBC aired the opening ceremony tape delayed last Friday. What really ...
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NBC Olympics and Twitter fury - a study in on-demand expectations unfulfilled
Baltimore Sun
"But now with Twitter, you can hear the complaints from the people formerly known as the audience," he adds. "And not only do you hear the complaints, but you can hear the results [in social media], which makes people even madder. 'I know what's going on, ...
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Did Twitter alert NBC to Adams' Olympics criticism?
Adams took to Twitter criticizing NBC for not airing the Olympics opening ceremony live. As the criticisms kept coming, Adams was allegedly suspended from Twitter for including NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel's corporate e-mail address in a tweet.
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Teen arrested for Twitter threats aimed at Olympics diver
Detroit Free Press
LONDON (USA TODAY) — The list of Twitter transgressions about the Olympics turned criminal Tuesday when police arrested a 17-year-old boy for allegedly making malicious comments following a frenetic exchange of rants against British diver Tom Daley ...
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Twitter rolls out clickable stock symbols
A few Twitter employees shared their glee with the wrong symbol for Apple ($APPL). Right now, it looks like Twitter is only making actual stock symbols clickable, as a test of $thenextweb didn't do the trick. This is functionality that is extremely similar to what ...
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The Olympics Corrupts Twitter
PC Magazine
The most recent outrage involves Twitter shutting down British journalist Guy Adams's account for tweeting the corporate email address of an NBC executive. As the Telegraph reported, Twitter alerted NBC about Adams's tweets, putting this particular outrage ...
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Police arrest teen over Twitter postings about British Olympic diver Tom Daley
Washington Post
LONDON — A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of posting malicious Twitter messages directed at British Olympic diver Tom Daley, U.K. police said Tuesday. The first tweet told Daley that he let his dad down with his synchronized diving performance.
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Reporter's account suspended by Twitter after harsh criticism of NBC's coverage
Boston.com (blog)
By Chad Finn, Boston.com Staff. LONDON -- NBC's decision to show tape-delayed events in prime time has generated a steady whirlwind of criticism on the social-network site Twitter. But for now, one particularly harsh critic will no longer be allowed to use ...
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Olympics: Twitter's huge, varied impact
San Francisco Chronicle
The International Olympic Committee has blamed loquacious Twitter users in London crowds for causing a broadcasting glitch. And its official partnership with Olympics broadcaster NBC may have led to the suspension of a journalist's account because he ...
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San Francisco Chronicle
Twitter Censorship: Journalist's Twitter Account Suspended
Search Engine Journal
twitter censors journalist Guy Adams, an LA-based writer for Great Britain's national newspaper The Independent, had his Twitter account suspended on Sunday after tweeting out the e-mail address of NBC's Olympic Coverage President Gary Zenkel.
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Tom Daley Twitter Controversy: UK Police Arrest Teen Over Malicious Tweets At ...
Huffington Post
Had the Twitter user who poured scorn on diver Tom Daley for failing to score a medal in yesterday's Olympics just left it at the one comment about letting his dad down, the chances are that there would have been a lot of grumbling amongst the online ...
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Twitter May Have 500M+ Users But Only 170M Are Active, 75% On Twitter's Own ...
Yesterday Paris-based analytics firm Semiocast noted that Twitter had passed the 500 million user account mark, with some detail on how that is playing out on a country-by-country basis. Today, we have some numbers that spell out what that actually means ...
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Another British Twitter Arrest
National Review Online (blog)
A teenager has been arrested by police investigating abuse of Team GB diver Tom Daley on Twitter. After coming fourth in the men's synchronised 10m platform diving event on Monday, the 18-year-old from Plymouth received a message telling him he had let ...
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Twitter meets British Olympics team request to delete abuse aimed at star diver ...
Washington Post
LONDON — British Olympics team leaders say they intervened with Twitter to delete offensive messages sent to diver Tom Daley. British Olympic Association spokesman Darryl Seibel says "highly offensive and altogether unacceptable tweets" were sent to ...
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Stocktwits CEO 'Disappointed' With Twitter's Cashtags
By Todd Wasserman
The CEO of Stocktwits is accusing Twitter of ripping off his idea for "cashtags."
The Twitter Hijacking of Stocktwits $ …The Cashtag | Howard Lindzon
By Howard
It's interesting that Twitter has hijacked our creation of $TICKER ie. $AAPL. It only took four years to 'fill' this hole, though a few months back they told me in a detailed email it was not a hole they wanted to fill. You can hijack a plane but it does ...
Howard Lindzon
Twitter quietly adds clickable stock symbols -- Engadget
By Mat Smith
It might not pack the same thrill as the rumors of in-feed video, but Twitter has added clickable stock symbols on tweets. This now throws up search.
Twitter snuffs an Olympics critic: smart play or censorship? — Tech ...
By David Card
NBC asked Twitter to suspend the account of a journalist who has been a prominent critic of its Olympics coverage. Twitter -- an NBC partner -- complied. Is this censorship or is there some other explanation?
GigaOM Pro
Twitter Olympics Include Huge First Day And Other Surprises | Adweek
By Christopher Heine
Without Twitter, we may never have guessed a cameo by "Mr. Bean" was more popular than Queen Elizabeth herself during the Olympics' opening ceremonies in London last weekend. But as social media data goes, we now know it's true.
Adweek : Technology
Audit Notes: Twitter's censors, NYT apology, Craigslist's aggregators ...
Twitter gave itself a serious black eye today, censoring a journalist for reporting the easy-to-figure-out corporate email address of NBC Universal's top Olympics executive. The Independent's LA bureau chief Guy Adams tweeted this today as ...
Reporter Is Banished From Twitter After Post on NBC's Olympics ...
A correspondent for The Independent, a British newspaper, said he was told that he was suspended from Twitter for a post including the e-mail address of an NBC executive.
Media Decoder
NBC's No. 1 Tweeting Critic Has Been Suspended From Twitter
By John Koblin
Guy Adams is The Independent's Los Angeles bureau chief. During the Olympics so far, he has carved out a nice spot on the how-much-NBC's-coverage-sucks beat. Now his Twitter account has been suspended—supposedly because NBC ...
Scripting News: Can you do journalism on Twitter?
In the past, when issues of ethics came up, it was only the tech press around, and they were more or less unanimous in getting angry when their ethics are questioned. Tar and feather the accuser. Lots of excuses why they had to feed in the ...
Dave Winer
Twitter Bends Its Own Rules To Suspend The - Business Insider
By Owen Thomas
Still "the free-speech wing of the free-speech party"?
Business Insider
NBC Calls for Twitter to Censor Guy Adams for Tweets Criticizing ...
By Mytheos Holt
NBC's coverage of the Olympics has, put charitably, been rather comparable to Michael Phelps' performance: underwhelming and overhyped. To be sure, an event as big as the Olympics is sure to produce a few logistical hurdles, but the ...
TheBlaze.com - Stories
Clif Bar Rewards Twitter Users for Getting Outside : TreeHugger
By Megan Treacy
The organic snack bar company has created the first geo-location Twitter campaign to promote its new trail mix bar.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
NBC exec: Twitter told us how to get journalist suspended | The Raw ...
By Arturo Garcia
Twitter alerted NBC to a post containing an executive's email address, prompting NBC to file a complaint that lead to the suspension of a reporter's Twitter account, according to The Telegraph. "Our social media dept was actually alerted to it by ...
The Raw Story
Journalist Has Twitter Suspended After Complaining About NBC's ...
By Joe Coscarelli
Twitter and the network have their reasons, but they're shaky at best.
The Sports Section

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